Change African Art

Over the past four decades, African artists have striven to bring African art out of the antiquated and into the current century, bringing the qualities of traditions with them and seeking a place in the world’s art community. Contemporary African art artwork implies a certain kind of art that has been taken note of by the international art audience since the 1980s. It breaks the traditional view of assuming the ‘collective ethnic’ origins of ‘tribal art’ and instead shows the world that African artists and African art is individual and unique.

Many African artists address serious issues with humour, which is what sets their art apart from traditional African art. They blend the past with the present, telling the story of Africa as it is now and how the past helped propel the continent forward. 

Africa has seen a boom of interest in the art that is being produced on the continent. The international art world is seeing that African artists are producing more than just tribal masks and beaded necklaces, but pieces that tell a story and use modern techniques intertwined with traditional visuals.

The current art scene in Africa is one that is growing and changing at a rapid rate, it is moving from the boundaries of Africa to the entire world, allowing Western countries to see how technologically and artistically advanced African artists truly are.